What is Hand Analysis?

Hand Analysis

Hand Analysis

Hand Analysis or, more accurately, Scientific Hand Analysis, enables you through the process of self-awareness to gain clarity about who you are and why you behave the way you do, whether these behaviours are empowering, enabling you to fulfill your Life Purpose, or disempowering, the Life Lessons that are holding your back. Our Life Lessons take place within our Life School. Just as you need to do study law if you want to be a lawyer, so you need to “attend” a Life School to gain clarity about the Life Lessons you have chosen for your life on Earth.

There are many facets to analysing a hand, the fingerprints, shapes, textures, lines, gift markings, as well as other markings and the relationship these have to each other.

Your fingerprints in the top zone of your hand do not change throughout your life the other two zones of the fingers and the rest of your hand do change according to your life at any point in time.

Your hands are like a catalogues of your life experiences and where you are at in your Life Purpose journey. In other words, they identify your head space that is, your repetitive emotions, feelings, languaging, thinking, self-concepts, strengths, barriers, and so on.

Your hands reveal so much about you, even the state of your chakras.

When we had a hand reading analysis, we couldn’t wait to do our hand analysis training to share and spread this amazing tool that, not only awakened our awareness of what we were doing that is, good or not so good, but also what we do not do that we are good at but chose to ignore, consciously or unconsciously.

Being a hand analyst has lead us to being on track to living our Life Purpose, both personally and professionally, while knowing whenever we are sabotaging this as that is when our Life Lessons kick in.

Awareness is 80% towards a solution. This is the power of hand readings; you just have to do 20% work to achieve the life and business you want.


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Do You Take Care of Your Hands?

Different Hand Shapes

Hand Analysis: Different Hand Shapes

Hand Analysis is a very literal science. Much of what the lines in your hands are doing, mirrors the behaviours and actions in your outer world.

For example, how much care do you take with your hands?

We once knew a man who was a brilliant “doer” – he loved to develop new things and work on new ideas. However, he never saw any of them to fruition. Each activity remained unfinished.

Interestingly, as a young man, he was training to be a carpenter and in a momentary lapse of attention he cut off the top of his right thumb. Now, the thumbs (as you will remember) are our “manifestation” indicators – how we get things done in the world. This man’s right thumb was how he manifested in the outer world. He was almost a genius, but very tormented, and actually ended up by losing the top half of his right thumb.
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Hand Analysis – School of Service

Hand Analysis: School of Service

Hand Analysis: School of Service

We can be of the best to others when we first serve ourselves. Think about it – if you have an intense desire to help starving children in Africa, you are of absolutely no use to them if you are starving yourself.

This isn’t to say that you put yourself first at all costs. It’s about finding that balance between selfishness and servitude.

Not all of us have a desire to really be of service to others, and that’s OK. It may not be your School. The world needs variety and contrast, otherwise we’d never get anywhere!

As Richard Unger says in his book Life Prints, “True service comes from the desire to help others, not control them. It empowers both the giver and receiver. It feels good regardless of the outcome. The activity itself is reward enough”.

The School of Service is the highest on the hierarchical ladder.


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Hand Analysis “Schools”

Hand Analysis: The Four Schools

Hand Analysis: The Four Schools

There are 4 fundamental “schools” in Scientific Hand Analysis. By “school” it means the overall way in which you operate in life. It infiltrates every aspect of your life.

It’s where you encounter great success and joy, but also where you face your challenges.

We all have elements of each of the 4 schools, but there will be one (or possibly) two of the schools that really resonate with you.

The ‘hierarchy’ (I use that term loosely) goes:

1. School of Service

2. School of Love

3. School of Wisdom

4. School of Peace

There is no one school that is ‘better’ than the others, and we begin in the School of Peace and move to Wisdom, then to Love, and then finally to Service.

Each school has its own set of triumphs and challenges, and once you are aware of which school(s) you’re in, it will make so many things make sense.

In following articles on hand analysis, I’ll go through each of the Schools so you can see what they each mean and how they may relate to you.


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Communication Fingers

Hand Analysis: The Communication finger

Hand Analysis: The Communication finger

In scientific hand analysis, the hand analyst looks to the little fingers to check out  your ability to communicate and whether you are communicating what you want.

Communication is one of the most vital elements to experiencing peace, success and happiness. Think about it – disagreements with your partner invariably are caused by a breakdown in communication. Someone thought they said something but didn’t, or they did, and the other person didn’t hear them correctly, or at all. The after effects of miscommunication can sometimes feel like an earthquake aftershock!

Once more, the pattern of the 3 zones of your little finger follows the familiar pattern of:

1. Physical communication

2. Mental communication

3. Abstract communication

Physical communication takes on shapes such as body language and sex, both of which are vitally important. Someone can say all the right words, but if their body language doesn’t match what they are saying, the message will be completely lost. Sex can be seen as communicating an attraction for the other person, or it could purely be seen as a physical act that has no meaning whatsoever. Either way, underlying communication is occurring.
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Values and Integrity Finger

Hand Analysis: The Integrity Finger

Hand Analysis: The Integrity Finger

This is your middle finger. Look at your hand with fingers spread. Which finger stands the straightest coming out of the centre of your palm? The middle finger.

It will come as no surprise then that this “backbone” of your hand correlates to Values and Integrity. I like to think of it as the “rod” that keeps everything in balance. If the rod is not solid, it’s likely you’ll experience a bit of back and forth, which can manifest itself as indecisiveness, for example.

Now, as previously mentioned in other posts, there are 3 aspects to each finger:

1. Physical

2. Mental

3. Spiritual

When you think about it, this pretty much makes up any way you can look at something in life. Specific to the middle finger, these 3 aspects link to the regions on your finger.

The lower region is the physical realm, which in this case is your “Core Values”. Because, how you physically exist in this world is directly linked to your Values. Just think – when you get paid, you have a finite amount of money. How you then spend, or allocate that money is based on what you value. Do you value saving and growing your wealth? Or, do you value having the latest gadget, and spending your money on technology?

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Creativity Finger

Hand Analysis: Creativity Finger

Hand Analysis: Creativity Finger

A hand analyst can help you discover all aspects of your personality by reading your finger tips, your fingers and your palm. Here we look at the Creativity Finger, the Ring Finger. What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘creativity’? Da Vinci, or Gaudi, or Michael Jackson? It’s common to link the concept of being artistic, with being creative.

Creativity, in its simplest form is ‘to create’. Making something exist where it didn’t exist before or change, as a result of your uniqueness, the way that something has always been done. This has nothing to do with art or architecture, or anything specific. It’s purely bringing something new into existence.

Yes, I’m belabouring that point because it’s important that you understand the true meaning. On this basis, EVERYONE is creative, including YOU!

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The Power Finger

Hand Analysis: The Power Finger

Hand Analysis: The Power Finger

For most of us, it’s the index finger. So, it will come as no surprise then to find out that, in Hand Analysis, the finger that represents your power is your index finger. It’s also known as the Jupiter finger, which also aligns nicely, as Jupiter is the leader of the Gods in Roman mythology.

I just briefly want to explain what I mean by ‘power’. I’m not talking about ego-ruling, blind, fury type of power. True power is on the inside, and becomes a beacon of light that drives passion and results for the betterment of humankind.

Take a look at your index finger and see if you have 3 ‘sections’. Some people have 2 or 4, but that is pretty uncommon. These 3 sections fundamentally relate to your physical power, mental power, and spiritual power – corresponding to the bottom third (which is directly connected to the palm of your hand), the middle third, and the upper third.
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Finger Sections


Hand Analysis: Finger Sections

Hand Analysis: Finger Sections

For example, your thumb represents your ability to manifest and get results. So, if you have a very flexible thumb (wiggle it around and see if you do), then you are a very flexible person in how you achieve results. The opposite is also true.

In this posting I’m going to briefly touch on the sections of each of your fingers. Look at the palms of your hands. Most of you will notice (there are some people to whom this doesn’t apply) that each of your fingers have 3 ‘sections’. If you can’t see this clearly, slightly bend your fingers, and you’ll see the sections more clearly.
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When is it Appropriate to Grab a Stranger’s Thumb?

Hand Analysis: The Doer

Hand Analysis: The Doer

Did that grab your attention? It’s okay.  You can do that when you do a hand analysis reading.

I’ll back up the story a little bit before I explain the title. If you’ve been following the previous postings on this blog, you will have seen that we have been talking about what valuable information it’s possible to see in your thumbs.

Once you learn this skill, you can’t but help look at the thumbs of everyone you come into contact with. So, the question is, when is it appropriate to grab a stranger’s thumb to find out how they manifest in the world?

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Wiggle Your Little Finger, Who Comes Running?


Hand Analysis: Long Little Finger

Hand Analysis: Long Little Finger

Hand analysis is an amzing tool for awareness, clarity and understanding of self and others. A hand analyst when looking at the Little Fingers, or Pinkies can get an idea of how the client is in commincation with herself and with others.The Little Fingers in a hand reading tell us about your communication personalities or characteristics in the broadest sense.

1.Of great importance is your inner communication, the language that

you use in your internal dialogues to yourself, about yourself, about other people and about external circumstances.

Suffice to say, your outer world is the direct result of what you have thought in your mind, your inner world. I know that for some of you this is going to cause some resistance but, you must trust me on this until I explain what this means later on.

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